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Analog and Digital Instrumentation was established in the year 1978 by the group of electronic engineers. Since then company has been the leading manufacturer of temperature controllers, program controllers,thermocouples, temperature indicators, temperature sensors,temperature scanner and many more.
Our products are used in wide range of applications.Digital temperature controllers, temperature datalogger,programmable temperature controller and temperature thermocouple are used in small scale industries to heavy manufacturing industries. Our temperaturing measuring equipments are made with international standard compliance which when used for temperature measure give good results.Our temperature indicator is used by leading pharma industries of India for manufacturing of medicines.Our thermocouples are used in heavy industries as temperature detector / temperature measuring / temperature sensor along with our digital temperature indicator.We do manufacture rtd sensors, temperature thermocouples,humidity temperature meter.

temperature indicator
Temperature Indicator
  temperature controller
Temperature Controller
  temperature scanner
Temperature Scanner/Data Logger
program controller
Program Controller
  load controller
Load Controller
  load indicator
Load Indicator
panel meters
Panel Meters
  timer counter
  humidity indicator
Humidity Indicator
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